Antibiotics for URI when on Hospice - page 2

How do you all feel about antibiotics for URI? All of my case load is in either Long Term Care facilities or Alz Units. I am questioning the need for antibiotics for these patients. Is the... Read More

  1. by   tewdles
    I am in agreement with most here. The philosophy of hospice revolves around quality of life through good symptom management. Therein lies an answer to your question...if they have symptoms from an infection which is adversely affecting quality of life it is very appropriate to treat the infection. In my hospice experience, some patients/families want this and some do not. In my hospice experience, ANY infection with problematic symptoms would potentially be treated regardless of relationship to hospice diagnosis. So, for instance, URI in lung cancer patient is not off limits for treatment...UTI with renal malignancy is not off limits for treatment, etc. There certainly could be conflicts regarding how a particular treatment might be paid for but that discussion does not supercede the provision for good hospice care and good symptom management. Yes, an antibiotic for pneumonia may prolong the patient's life, but more importantly, it will likely improve their quality of life until they die from either their hospice diagnosis, a co-morbidity, or some other complication or event.