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  1. I just started as an on call nurse for a hospice company a couple of months ago. I have had many experiences with different hospices in the past, and have always admired the nurses who do this daily, but this company, in my opinion, was the one who always seemed to go above and beyond, gave excellent care, etc... So I decided that I would love to work for them for those reasons. I have absolutely fallen in love with the job, I love the work, the families, and the patients, and I had felt like I'd finally found the "happy medium" I'd been looking for since graduation, I love the job, make enough money I don't have to have a second job, and still have plenty of home time with my hubby and kids. I was working last week, received a call @ 0235 for a patient at the far end of my area (2 hours away), while on the road, I received a call telling me that the patient had just expired, I had been worried since the initial call, and had already been on the phone while driving to the nurse asking about the condition of the patient, but I continued on my way, arrived as fast as I could, and did what I was supposed to do... Today I get a call from our GM telling me that she doesn't want me to leave the company, I've been a great person and a great nurse, and am more than qualified for this job, but this is just not working...basically I am going to have to take a different area, 2 hrs away from home, or find somewhere else to stay while working. Neither of these are an option for me, I have a husband and 5 kids at home, and that is where I need to be. I called my immediate supervisor, crying and telling her what I'd been told, she calls the GM and then calls me back... the options above aren't ruled out as of now, but they are going to "discuss" it. I feel like the bottom just fell out from under me and I got slapped in the face. Also, when my immediate supervisor called me back, she said that when they had all discussed this last week there was another nurse who works for the company vying for my position....I feel like the main reason this is happening is because the other nurse has been with the company longer than me, and their willing to meet her demands before even considering what this would do to anyone else. Please help, I hate feeling like this, and I can't do what they're asking me to do...I feel like I need to be looking for a new job when I really don't want to.
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  3. by   LJLeach
    Dear Angeludance,
    Please don't get discouraged. Many of us (long time hospice nurses) have had similar experiences where bosses have stabbed us in the back. :angryfire Don't give up. You are now an experienced hospice nurse (however long or short your tenure). That makes you a valuable commodity. Put your resume out on CareerBuilder and see how fast you get'll be amazed.
    God bless you.
  4. by   shrinky
    I tend to agree, we have all run into politics in the workplace. While this may not be fair, it is real as I can attest in my 40 years in the nursing field. It sounds as though Hospice is your thing and there are lots of jobs for you so do not allow this one experience discourage you from your calling. Good luck and God bless.