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Hospice nursing jobs in Albuquerque or norhtern NM?

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I am a long term experienced hospice RN, CHPN, and thinking about making a change, so want to move to NM, love it there, vacationed there many times, love the state. Currently live in the Midwest.

I want to move to Albuquerque or northern NM, and continue doing hospice nursing--at a good hospice.

Anyone have any input/experience working at any of the Hospices in Albuquerque or northern NM? Which one's are good to their nurses, what ones' run them into the ground?

I am experienced in INPT, home care, Triage and admissions--hospice nursing.

Any input would be appreciated.


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I would recommend Presbyterian Hospice. I am a PRN RN in their inpatient hospice, where we have been having census fluctuations so even pointage nurses are not getting their hours, but I also help in their OP hospice program. Personally, I don't know if I want to do OP/home hospice full-time again - there is just so much time spent on documentation and I prefer bedside nursing. I found myself doing so much bedside care when I was a full-time home hospice nurse, and just dreading the endless (unpaid) hours spent at home charting. That particular company (that I am leaving unnamed) did tend to run it's nurses into the ground, too. But Pres is very different. I feel like they make a lot more of an effort to support their RN hospice CM's, by having PRN nurses like me jump in to help without question. Also, the environment of the main office has a very good, supportive vibe, and management is very supportive and professional. It's been awhile since your OP, but if you did move to NM, welcome!

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