Hospice Home Visits

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I would be interested to know what other hospice nurses are doing at home visits. Are you taking your bag and computer into the home, or just the bare minimum? Does your agency provide visit packs and admission packs (I hear Kaiser does)? Are you wearing full PPE? Please be as specific as you can!

vampiregirl, BSN, RN

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The agency I work for has performed a COVID-19 risk/ symptom assessment on every current patient and is also performed for every admission. A reassessment is performed every visit. Staff take temp daily, perform self health assessment.

If no risk identified and no concerns, then typically I take my bag and computer in. If risk/symptoms/ concerns, then I take in the bare minimum (necessary assessment equipment in a small bag).

As for PPE, minimum of mask at every visit. Social distancing when possible. Goggles if neb treatments in use.

If current/ active diagnosis of COVID-19 then N95 mask, face shield/ goggles, gloves, gown.

If recent history of COVID-19 (> 10 days, < 30 days) without 2 negative tests, then N95 and gloves.


Specializes in hospice. Has 12 years experience.

What vampiregirl, BSN, RN said. Depending on risks. If positive cases full PPE including N95, gown, face shield, gloves and shoe covers. Minimal equipment taken in disposable bag and bleach wipes to clean all equipment and placed in clean bag outside of home. If no risks face mask and gloves only. All equipment sanitized after each visit period.