Hospice bootcamp - Is there such a thing?


I'm fairly new as a hospice case manager and I keep finding myself in situations where I have to rely on the more experienced case managers for help. I know that it will take some time for me to become competent on my own, but I want to bend the learning curve a little if I can. Does anyone know of a program that teaches hospice case management for nurses who are new to the field? I'm willing to travel.

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I do not have an idea for a boot camp but want to encourage you to find a mentor. Somebody who is trustworthy and who you can call at any time for advice.

There will be situations you are at the pat home and need real life advice - that is when you call your mentor.

I would not have survived without my mentor who was re-assuring, available, and had superior knowledge.

If you can not find a mentor ask the nurses who seem to be good CM is it is ok to save their phone number and call them with questions. I thin most are ok with it so you would have a couple of people you can call.

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California Hospice and Palliative Care Association has boot camps and other conferences throughout the year. I'm sure each state has it's own chapter.