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Does anyone know if there is a book that one can purchase and study for the Hospice Certification Exam. Like the N-Clex books tha

one uses to study for the RN boards

I would be insterested in purchasing one


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We had JACHO just a few months ago and the question of hospice certification came up. Their response was that cert in this feild was infrequent, out of favor with the powers that be, and not to bother. For what it is worth, that effectively ended our search and ability to become certified as the adm would no longer support this activity.


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I have the handbook, but I don't have the study guide. Please let me know if you find out how to get one! THank you


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I've noticed several nurses (RN's ) are planning on taking the CHPN exam, and wondered if any would be interested in an on-line study group?

The only cost would be for the study manual, which is available at HPNA's site.

The tests are given the third Friday in March and Sept., so the next test isn't that far off.

It could be fun!


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I am planning on taking the exam in March...it is the 3rd Saturday and I am taking it in Philadelphia...I took a review class in August but it was too late to register for the exam in Sept...the book is $50 for members and the registration deadline is Feb 1st 2004...so count me in for the on line thing if it happens!:D :D :D


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saribeth: So am I...I'm taking mine in Philly, too!


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What a coincidence...that is great...wonder if anyone else will be interested in an on line study group???? I dug out my book today and wow it is so much to learn although we do it all the time and know it so well...our hospice is small only about 20 pts...thourgh the VNA...tell me about your program...I am also starting a volunteer training session in January...our volunteers are in very short supply...take care...did you have a good Thanksgiving? Janie:p


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Janie: I'm the clinical director of a brand new hospice program in my area (the actual program isn't new...it's in about 12 states and has 45 branches, it's just new to my area).

There is a lot of competition in my area when it comes to hospice; there are 6 different programs in my county.

We just started taking patients the end of last month, so right now there are only 3 patients, but I'm sure that will change with time and as we become more well known.

I'm trying to think of how we could do an online study group. No one else has indicated being interested in participating, so maybe we could do it through PM's.

Will this be the first time you've taken the certification exam? I took it 5y ago. It was difficult, I do remember that. You do have to know your equianalgesic conversions, and there were a lot of psychosocial questions.

It would be great if we could meet up while in Philly; as we get closer to the exam date, I'd be glad to give you info about where I'm staying, etc. if you would want to meet for dinner (too bad Bookbinders closed...I had dinner there when I took the cert exam last time).

Let me know what you want to do about studying!


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This reply is about 7 months late, but i just saw it! WOW we are about to have the gestapo (i mean joint commission) come. It is a shame your boss believed and embraced Joint Commission. The organization is a guise for "goodness, standards yadeda" but in actuality they are a huge reason why health care cost are driven up. I am working on an editorial currently to help define my point, but not for this thread....anyway

My point is: hospice certification is a wonderful thing to obtain. Your knowledge base is either increased or at least reinforced. (maybe the ignorant joint commission person failed it herself). Knowledge is ALWAYS beneficial. A shame that your boss is using JC as an excuse not to reinforce her staff. The nursing profession is not enhanced by such fools. Maybe you can try again. The Hospice and palliative nursing journal is so incredibly supportive of current issues and trends. Does your bose not subscribe to such journals? I wish you success.

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