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Hope I make the RIGHT decision!!!


SOOOOOOOOOOO...I think I am going to take the hospital nursing assistant job. Oh I am dreading calling up the cardiology office and telling them no. Does this sound right if I tell them "I would really love to work there, but its not going to work out like I thought is was going to at this time due to transportation issues...,and I would appreciate if you could keep me in mind in the future. Its the truth. Im just hoping I make the right decision :uhoh3: !!!!!!!! For once in my life I need things to work out. I just spent the last 3 years in college! By the way, my sister just found out (she was supposed to a while ago for me)..that her friends mom is an RN on the same floor. Well I hope she heard it right..but that would be cool...she said be willing to work and no whining (she told her daughter to tell my sister)...but shell take care of me?! The thing that sucks though..my sister didnt get to finish finding out the duties from the mom...but she said I dont think I would be doing ekg's..which I was kinda looking forward to/heard I might do. All she started to say was baths and vitals. I just want to use my education/skills (medical assisting). Hopefully my sister can find out more from her friend soon. If not ekg's what else would a na do on a telemetry/med surg. floor, because I really dont know anymore and the hospital never explained yet. Wish me luck!

Some hospitals have other people do the actual ekgs. I worked on a telemetry unit and when i was there i just did the basic monitoring on the floor (measuring strips, watching monitors, etc). You may want to call the hospital's HR and maybe they can refer you to the manager of the floor. He/she would be the best person to ask.

Depending on where you live, it can be tough to get a hospital position so congratulations! I know its not where you really want to work but it is good experience and you can learn a lot if you actively seek out those opportunities. Also with the way gas prices are now, I don't really blame your mom for not wanting to drive so far! It's supposed to go up a lot more during the summer. I'm hoping that it doesn't but it doesn't look hopeful.

Good luck!

I worked on a tele/cardiac floor, and in all the hospitals I've been in, the tele is a little box that goes in their pocket and a monitor tech watches it all. Our patients never had an actual EKG done on the floor. Doing EKGs really isn't that exciting though. I actually hate doing them because I think they're tedious to hook up and unhook patients. On the floor I worked on, we did baths, vitals, toileting, Accuchecks, and that was about it... Kept us plenty busy!!!