Hong Kong Nursing Exam 2016?


A quick shout out to all Nursing Board Passers in Hong Kong! Might I ask how you managed to pass the exams? How many times did you have to take it? If you did need to retake it, what were you doing before exams? If it was simply self review, how did you construct your study schedule?

Also are there any study groups or review centers preparing for the Nursing Exam for the year 2016?

I honestly feel like I'm lagging behind with my Nursing Career and would like to get back on track. Being a Filipino Registered Nurse with Hong Kong Permanent Residence who can not speak any Chinese, should I just return to the Philippines and work as a nurse for one full year? Or should I use my time to prepare for the exams on 2016 while continuing a non clinical related job?

Or is now the time to try my luck to find experience for nursing in an English speaking country? Budget is too tight for any internship programs at the moment ;_;

(I've passed a resignation letter to my office job thinking I was going to get accepted into this clinical job as a healthcare assistant but was declined at the last minute. Pretty demoralized and lost at the moment, I need a kickstarter with advice.)

Looking forward to helpful responses.

Much Love.

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I m a nurse student. Cantonese is required when u wanna get a job in Hospital Authority. U may consider private hospital if u really wanna stay in HK.