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I've been a home health nurse for over 12 years. I've always heard that when a person is determined to be not home bound the discharge is done immediately and no five notice day notice was necessary. I've been to various administrator courses and general home health basic courses and as far as I remember there are 5 reasons why you don't need a five day discharge notice. 1)non sufficient payor source 2)unsafe environment for staff 3)patient request. 4)MD order 5). No longer homebound.

I'm pretty sure I am correct however I cannot find any documentation on the exact rule.

Anyone have any knowledge on this??


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Notice is necessary unless the patient requests the discharge, otherwise you still have to give them notice that they are being discharged and allow them to appeal and/or pay OOP.

There are different notices:

Notice of Medicare Non Coverage

Health Care Change of Notice (HHCCN)

Advance Beneficiary Notice if Non Coverage (ABN).