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Home Hemodialysis Nurse position?



I have 1.5 years experience as a L&D RN and as much as I loved my job, I am trying to find a job that is closer hours to my husbands normal mon-fri job. I came across a position at Davita for a home hemodialysis nurse and got an interview for this position. The recruiter I spoke with on the phone said it is a lot of patient education which is something I enjoyed tremendously in L&D! I was trying to find what it was like to be a HHD nurse, and have not been able to find anything online. Could someone who works or has worked as a HHD nurse for Davita or another large dialysis company give me some insight into this position? What does a typical day look like? What are the on-call days like? The recruiter said it is a role in which you are very autonomous and your schedule relies on you to maintain and plan your patients' care. I always enjoyed urology in nursing school, and think I would really enjoy the mon-fri and one on one attention given to patients. Any insight would be very helpful! Thank you 😃