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Home Health Salary In Ohio-LPN

by jacqLPN jacqLPN (New) New

Specializes in Pediatrics...trachs, ventilators, gtubes.

I am curious to know what other LPNs are making in Homecare setting? I love, love, my job but I am wondering if I am due for a raise. 

Depends on the area.

In Seattle I made $30/hr. But the turnover for staff was very high. Staff was unorganized and some of the worst people I've met in healthcare worked at this particular home health agency.

In NYC I made $25/hr as a new grad. 

Currently I live in SC and make $22/hr. However the other home health agencies in this area pay $17-20 an hour (In Seattle CNA pay was around $16-19/hr) regardless of experience and offer only 8 hour shifts. Home care really isn't good down here but I have extenuating circumstances for living here. My situation is only temporary.