Wrongfully Terminated

  1. I was on call over weekend and had a pt i was suppose to resume. I called the patient saturday morning and family stated she was still admitted. So i ended up admitting all 3 of my other assignments.
    I got called into the office today stating i am being difficult and refusing assignments and therefore being negligent and then she terminated me. I have never been written up or verbally warned prior to this.
    Boss has been in retaliation mode because i didn't want to take an assignment the previous week that would of been 50+ miles one way.
    I feel not only betrayed but more defamed of my nursing integrity/character.
    Not too sure what to do with this? Pursue with HR? Move on?
    Any advise?
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  3. by   erika.RN
    So you got fired because the pt was still in the hosp so you could not do a SOC? Did the pt get discharged on Sunday? Maybe they felt you should have followed up? Otherwise, I don't think that's really grounds to fire...
  4. by   paradiseboundRN
    Is this the only reason they gave? Is it about more than these instances?
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Time to dig out your agency's policy manual regarding "Grivence Policy or Terminations" and submit ASAP.
    Many have very narrow time frames to submit request 2-3 days up to 1 week in some cases.
    If small agency, need to weigh is it better to fight or just move on.

    Definately file for unemployment: Without any record of counciling, most states grant unemployment.

    Feel free to PM me if more info needed.
  6. by   tktjRN
    Collect unemployment and move on. This company doesn't deserve you. Good luck!