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:confused: we are contemplating a wound care formulary through convatec...am having trouble getting feedback from any other agencies who have done this...can anyone out there help? specifically... Read More

  1. by   sunnygirl272
    hi patty...nope..we have lisa...very nice.....but.....i wanna/need to hear specifics from home care agencies before i can present this to nursing ops.., and have not had luck getting responses from the ones i contacted...
    hmmm...im nosy..how far north in new york are you???
  2. by   PattiRN
    Melinda....2 hrs. north of Syracuse...up on the St. Lawrence River...Yes I can see Canada!
    We just had our formulary approved to use. What specifics do you need to know? Convatec helped our agency develop the formulary....nurses are to call MD's if no healing seen in 2 weeks..and suggest trying a new treatment. We also are sending out letters to the local MD's to show them what's new in wound care. Out the the old wet to dry in with saf-gel and duoderm. We have had some clients have great results.