Who can give pt. meds??

  1. I have a relative working (just started HH and only been a NA for a few months, not yet certified to be a CNA) with a hospice pt. with dementia. The pt is on two meds (out of a container). Who is responsible for administering these? She is so confused and knows that it probably isn't in her scope. One of the other CNA's replied to her question about if she is legally allowed to give these "you must be new". She called her agency and the boss asked if the meds were in a container or liquid (i think). She told him a container and he said "do what you need to". No one is fessing up to if she is allowed or not.
    Is she?
    If she isn't, who should be making sure this lady gets her meds? She called the RN, but got an answering machine and no return call yet. She has never met the RN. Hospice will be arriving today, a little later, but she said that that person is also a CNA.
    She is VERY frustrated with lack of answers, so whatever you can give me to tell her would be great! I asked her if she rec'vd any pharm or med training in her coursework and she almost laughed "NO". I told her that it was not in the scope of her title and she needed to ask the RN who is to give them and how to make sure that happens.
    Thanks for any help!!!
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  3. by   jmgrn65
    I think that it varies by state call the bon, She can hand the container to the patient and patient can take them out, and take them. OF course this is if she is able.
  4. by   Race Mom
    Thanks for the reply! I told her to call the NV BON to find out.