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Just a quick question....I've been doing HH per diem for a year now and am searching for a new bag to carry around my supplies. I've been browsing the websites and internet and was just hoping to... Read More

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    In all my years as a nurse, usually at supervisory level, no one has had such a strange attitude toward the RNs. So, wherever I go it will not be a mom-and-pop type home health company. I don't know, maybe I'm spoiled, but work should be a blessing, not a curse that chokes life out of one. Not expecting daily bed of roses, but a sense of satisfaction, at least. How are you doing dear Renerian...better or still thinking "field"? goody
    I agree with the above. Unfortuanately, I have seen many places disrespect nurses, but then I have worked a lot of Agency in facilities.

    What I am seeing, with my current Mom and Pop employer, is low level dislike of nurses. It may be due to their own frustration with the nursing shortage etc... The owners are an unhappy lot and that in itself is a recipe for failure and frustration amoung the co-workers.

    I am and have been looking for another agency but the pickings are slim in the small community ...