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I work in a county agency in a rural area. The nurses may travel 50-100 miles per day. Average caseload is expected to be 20 - 25 with 4-5 visits being made a day. The agency tells us that other... Read More

  1. by   riern
    My case load varies but they try to keep us at around 25. My visits can be as many as 8 or as few as 4 a day. The assist admin does the schedule and then I can make the changes accordingly. Yes the paperwork is brutal and I spend a good bit of time at home doing it and I don't get paid for that additional time. The IDEAL situation is do complete the visit note and Oasis documentation in the home and then you don't have any paperwork to do at home. I prefer not to do mine that way. My paperwork time is included in the $30 visit rate and I get milage as well. I make as much acutally more now than I did in the hospital and don't have to be confined to the building for 12-14 hours.

    Every job has it's bad and good..... for me at this time the good outweighs the bad.

  2. by   nursesearl
    Quote from lroche
    I am the Director of Nursing for a rural home health agency. Our case loads are between 20 and 25, but they seem to be going up. The RN's see between 5 and 6 patients per day and let me tell you - that's too many. We have had a recent flurry of activity which has pushed the number of patients seen to 5-6. Our LPN's see 6-8 patients per day. This is done with high mileage as well. The average used to be 4 patients a day and that was a good/manageambe day. But - you are right. When do you get your paper work done and when do you do case management activities? Unfortunately for you it sounds like administration is forcing you to see 5 patients per day. What happens to patient care? What happens to all the little things you must do in order to be a good case manager? I am in an admin position, but due to high case loads and many patients needed to be seen in a day - I am making visits myself to help out the nurses. Our intake patient care coordinator is also completing visits to help out. It is more important for me to keep my staff and provide good patient care - than to mandate nurses seeing a certain number of patients in a day. My nurses are busy - I know that and they don't have to prove it with seeing 5 patients per day. I think sometimes admin gets pressure from above - because profits are necessary to survive as well. The productivity goal I set for my nurses is 4 patients/day. If they don't make 4 ever day - oh well. I feel bad about your situation. I hope there's some resolve to it soon - or your agency's nurses (including you) will get burned out.
    lroche- can I come work for you? Where are you located? You sound like a nice boss!
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    lroche...we are all coming to work for you....a DON making visits!!!! WOW!