What type of home health?

  1. i notice that a lot of you seem to be either peds nurser or do chaa cases. i happen to do long term home care and wonder if there are any other nurses her that do that. matter of fact, i am not even sure if many states even have it? i know that new york is one of the few that does. we have long term home health care which is like a "nursing home at home" so basically, patients stay on our program until they die or transfer into a facility.

    how about everyone else<
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  3. by   henayneiCLNC
    I have worked in programs designed to help a client stay home by providing personal care and homemaking, I have worked in Hospice programs - I'm not sure if this is the kind of intervention and assistance you mean?
  4. by   theuncreativechic
    I work with CBA.. In Texas I think it is comparable to what you are talking about. It is basically to help people stay home.. We set up meds, assess etc..
  5. by   love2shop
    I do what you are talking about. I spend 10 to 12 hours with
    people who are on a vent or have a trach. They can do this b/c
    their insurence pays our agency the same daily rate that they would
    pay a nursing home. They agencey comes what they can with the monies
    and the family fills in the rest of the time. Does that sound like what
    you mean? My complaint is a worry about loosing my skills. But I guess
    I learned them once I can learn them again.