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  1. I am fairly new to this site-it is great.
    Here is my problem, I took a position with a family doing home care for a little boy. The mother is very "flip-flpooy" I would almost say bipolar. I have recieved no schedule, when I ask, I am snapped at then the next minute she is fine. She had asked me to watch her other child "on the side" my agency said absoutly not. So I told her and she hung up on me. She has taken me on a 4 hour raod trip on my 2nd day-not mentionting meds, thrpy, ect so child missed, I docemented. The child is very abusive and I have found the mother has lied to the agency about many things. Needless to say, the company called social services, child protection and terminated her contract. I am concerned about her personality, trying to harm my LPN license. I have bruises from the child hitting, kicking and pulling my hair. Ther is a lot more to the story but wanted to try keep t short and get advise-just graduated in May and am going nuts about this. I did everything right, documented, meds, ect so really I shouldn't have anything to worry about. Has anyone else been in this type of situation? If so, advise would be great!
    I am hitting the pavement again to find another position.
    Thanks and great site!!
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  3. by   renerian
    [I would at minimum fill out incident reports for every time you are injured. I hope the agency can get you out ASAP.

  4. by   jlhayes
    Would my agency then have the proper forms?
    They had me out the same day child protection/social workers, ect were called, so really I am now out a job. They are small agency that is in a small town. They did however offer a 8 hour shift in their home for their child, but I would not be able to do proper cares ( she weighs more than I do)
    Thanks for the advise!