What skills to brush up on for home to home nursing?

  1. I know some nurses go from home to home daily seeing patients, what skills should the home to home nurse brush up on before starting? What are some of the skills home to home nurse use when they get there? Thanks.
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  3. by   Idaho_nurse
    I see EVERYTHING. I do ALOT of wound care, including wound vac's, foleys (both indwelling and superpubic) and do lots of blood draws. We also do home infusions as well and manage PICC lines. The most important though is critical assessment. You need to be able to assess well and do plans of care. Without good assessment skills, you could miss something major. Education is done daily as well, so know your medications (I use the internet alot), and be able to teach about disease processes. Also, you MUST be an independent thinking and be secure in your skills. there is nobody to help you in home care. its just you and the patient.
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