Thinking of doing HH per diem but...

  1. I recently went to home health "open house". I thought they gonna look at my resume and interview me instead there was a woman talking about what is like to be a home health nurse and a little bit about the company.

    She didn't ask us about how much HH experience we have. She just basically said if we interested fill out the application and fax it back to them and in 2 weeks we will get train on OASIS assessments to PICC line dressing changes to wound care. I did some research about them online and they seem to be legit. The BBB report was good "A-". They been in business since 2008.

    Here are the pay break down:

    Start of care $80
    follow up $60

    they provide w/ laptop, internet, cell phone and all supplies.

    I am a little concern about their hiring process and also sudden need of HH nurses as evidenced by "open house", and not asking our previous experiences. Anybody have same experience? Should I still fill out the application? Thanks.
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  3. by   jmn126
    there a lots of places that do "open house", the process is then to fill out an application and be called in for an interview.
  4. by   ILveNursing
    Thanks for the info. I'm new to HH and "open house".
  5. by   KountryPrincess
    I would never work at a place that pays by the visit. When you have used your time, energy, wear and tear on your car, effort and expertise dealing with the pt, doc and family, amd the pt does not open for some reason, and you don't get paid, then it will be clear to you why many HH nurses will not work for "pay-by-the-visit" agencies.