Thinking about leaving field work

  1. I've been in HH for a little over one year and have loved the freedom of my job (I've spent the last 7 years in facilities). I have loved everything that everyone else on here raves about. However I'm now faced with some issues at home and in life that are making me question whether I want to go back to fieldwork/case management.

    I'm currently on a leave of absence to take care of some things at home. I've started to think about work, and how I've totally let it control my life! I always went into overtime due to my drive time and the charting. They had given me more responsibilities and a larger geographical distance the past few months. There is a job opening in the agency's office for a RN and I'm thinking about taking it. It has to do with auditing charts. I'd have to give up the perks of working in the field but I'd also have a predictable day at work!

    I'd be free of the constant pages/phone calls from the office regarding patients. I'd be free of trying to figure out how early to go visit patients in horrendous neighborhoods (I had a pt ask why the agency didn't provide guns for nurses). I'd be free of some difficult patients/situations.

    But I'd also be leaving patient care. I like the relationships I have with my patients and have thought of them often while I've been on leave. Then again, I seem to lack the ability to "turn it off" when not working.

    So, any input would be appreciated...I think my pay would be the same. My commute would be minimal to the office. It's not like I can't ever go back to the field, right??
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  3. by   annaedRN
    No job is ever perfect, is it? But at this point in my career, I could not imagine doing anything else but be in the field. We have a QA nurse who does most of our audits - she is up to date on all OASIS stuff and gets a chance to see what's going on with our patients.Our QA nurse loves it ..she also does inservices and is our IC she does not have a chance to be bored. SHe is not providing hands on patient care but she is a very important part of our nursing team...just as you would be doing. You may find out it's not for you..or you could absolutely love it. If it works out best for you and your family, I think it's worth a try. Good luck to you
  4. by   certwndnrs
    I recently left the field to do office work, recert review, note proofing, and all the scheduling. I sure miss the field. The only upside is the fact that my pay is guaranteed whereas in the field, sometimes big, sometimes small depending on the census. I miss the freedom and flexability however, when I live in a small rural city, I didn't do much traveling. Always finished with seeing visits by noon. I don't miss the paperwork though. Just weigh the good with bad. If I could back into the field, I probably would. No, I definately would.
  5. by   caliotter3
    I think you would be making a good choice for your present circumstances. Like you said, you can always go back to the field full time when you wish. Until then, you could be available to go out for emergency situations. That is why offices try to have a licensed nurse in the office during the day for those unpredictable times. Hope you are able to resolve everything at home and that you are ok with doing the admin work. Whenever you need a touch of the field, just ask your boss to let you make some visits or fill ins once in a while.