stupid OASIS questions

  1. OK, let 's B&M!

    How many of you have a snellen eye chart in your nurses bag? Why the heck is that stupid eye exam question on the OASIS? As if anyone would actually have the time to do this exam, and 3 hours of paperwork??!!

    Next stupid question, the prognosis question, how much time before the client may die?? Are we God now? I mean, this is only appropriate on hospice admits, IMHO.

    I thought there was a movement to reform and decrease the paperwork. Anyone know the name or number of that bill, and status?
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi hoolahan. Think of it this way. For years, we HH nurses have not been taken seriously by our colleagues, even though most of us came from the hospital setting. Yet, we are looked upon as the eyes and ears of the doctor. As time has progressed, we've had more and more responsibilities added to our practice. This includes pain mgt charts and measures, skin/wound care charts and measures, nutritional charts and measures and now we have the snellen eye chart. This could be considered a sign of progress and may be the reason why nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists are increasingly gravitating to home health. Let's not fight it for now. Let's just see how we can get what is required of us under control.