Stats (patient visits per day)

  1. Hi everyone!

    Would like to know, if you are a field nurse, can you make up for missed stats? (example: stats are 6 a day, only finished 5 today. Can I make it up the next day or during the week?

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  3. by   KateRN1
    That sounds like a question better posed to your supervisor. Each agency has their own rules.
  4. by   desertnurz
    If the frequency and duration calls for twice a week for the one week, and there are no specific dates, then at my agency, we usually do allow the visit to be moved to the next day so long as it falls on the same work week between Sunday and Saturday and the patient is made aware.

    If the patient is not home for the scheduled original day and time, then yes we try again the next day and notify the md office of the missed visit.

    If the order states specifically for visit to be done tuesday and thursday then we are out of compliance with the order and would need to call the physician's office to get another order to make it up on another day that week.

    I agree with the prior entry.....check with your supervisor and the specific policies as they relate to you agency.

    Good luck.