State Budget Cutbacks

  1. all,
    To those of you who work in homehealth nursing, have there been any budget cutbacks in your state? I live in PA, and our new governor has made cuts in all human services, some more than others. He has cut funding for home healthcare by 80% due to the ripple effect in federal funding cutbacks. This action has placed several states in budget defecits, the worst being in California.
    Several clients, including myself, have been concerned about this, because the only other alternative is to be placed in already overcrowded, understaffed nursing homes.
    I wrote a letter to our governor, our senator, and our state representative about this situation, and received two replies.
    The first one was from my state rep. He stated that it is a concern, and he'll keep it in mind. I know the man personally, and he does do what he says he will do, and has been very good for the citizens of our area.
    The second one was from our senator, who stated that our funding has already been approved until 2004, but nothing is known after that.
    As far as I'm concerned, as long as I have my mind, I REFUSE to be placed in a nursing home, and I know for sure that I have a lot of company.
    I was taught in nursing school that adding to the quality of one's life is what nursing is all about, and I still believe that.
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