Starting HH next month...any must haves for this specialty?

  1. I just got a RN Case Manager position for a local HH agency and I've read many pros and cons and tips about HH. I've come to the conclusion that HH is a love or hate job, no in between. I really, really hope that HH works for my family and I and that I love it! I've purchased the book "Handbook of Home Health Standards" by Tina M. Marrelli that I've read is pretty much a must have when new to HH...I'm hoping it gets me a better insight into HH charting but I have to admit a lot of the content seems foreign to me coming from Med Surg. Are there any other tips or recommendations as far as car desks, apps, books or websites that'll help me make it a little more of a smoother transition in to HH from Med Surg?
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  3. by   paradiseboundRN
    I'm happy to hear that you bought the red book. It will help you out immensely. I've been in home care for 10 years and I loved 9 of them! I'm burned out now but that's after 10 years! Good luck, keep posting questions and we'll try to answer them.
  4. by   RN_Mommy_2_3
    Thank you! I'm excited and ready for this HH journey!
  5. by   rn_nxt_dr
    I started in HH without med-surg experience.

    I trained in theory and shadowed another RN and that was it.

    No book will tell you about HH other than the actual experience.

    You seemed very motivated. I suggest the following;

    1) get a good medical history outside of the OASIS form, this will help you with all other conditions of the patient. And always
    obtain record of PCP's H&P from clinic, all lab work done and other pertinent tests and procedures done.
    2) always reconcile your pt.'s medications with PCP's, and other specialist; review medcs. actions and s/e for pt' teachings later.
    3) know their diet bec. it plays a big role on most conditions, pls help pt. modify their eating habits.
    4) take all SN, PT,OT,ST,MSW,CHHA mobile nos. to communicate directly after their initial visits---knowing you are on top of the case will keep them at bay.
    5) get hold of a client teaching guide particularly for HH care and good nursing care plan book. It will assist you in your narrative SN
    6) get wound care training and invite medical supplies in-service to complement wound care.

    I hope it helps and good luck!
  6. by   Destiny78
    Hi, I've been a CM in Home Health for about 8months now and I love it. But I have a similar question, what are some good resources (books, etc...) to have while in home health? I've tried to google it and have really only come up with books that are 10years old or more and I'm sure lots has changed since then. Also I would like a basic head to toe assessment book to use as a guide/reminder of what things to look for and their possible causes so I can ask the right questions. (Also suggestion on client teaching guides?)
    Thanks! And to the OP I hope you enjoy home health! So far I have loved it. I feel like I do a lot more for the patients holistically and long term.