seattle area pediatric HH?

  1. Hi all! So, I moved the week after I graduated from Indiana to Seattle with a BSN, RN degree. Without a job lined up I took my NCLEX in WA and got my first RN job in pediatric home health. Two years later I see how hard it is to transition from home health to any hospital or clinic location. I've had numerous interviews in both Seattle and Texas but everyone pretty much says the same thing- I'm under qualified to start as an experienced nurse any where and over qualified for any new grad training for these positions. So I'm here in HH, which I love, but would still like to work in a more challenging area someday.
    Anyway, does anyone have any advice on Pediatric Home Health agencies in the Seattle area? Or any advice for other job opportunities? I've done some clinic work in Seattle but would like a steady position. I have 2 years pediatric HH experience and 7 yrs in CNA work at hospitals and nursing home.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would do an internet search of home health agencies in the area, or for that matter, other employers in general. Back in the days before the internet, I went to the public library and made a copy of a list of long term care facilities from the yellow pages of the phone book.
  4. by   jessiekay15
    Hello, looks like I am in the same boat you were. I am a new grad BSN, RN who has been offered a position with a pediatric HH agency (in seattle area as well, possibly same company?) So would you recommend starting out in a hospital then? The hospital setting is where I would prefer to gain experience but rarely is anyone hiring new grads. I was thinking about taking this HH position to gain healthcare experience, but it looks like maybe this isn't the way to go from reading your experience? Have you tried applying to Seattle Children's or any other pediatric setting, maybe they would find you more qualified because you have peds experience. If you have any advice for me please help! Thanks!
  5. by   jaderb23
    From my expirence I've found the transition from HH to hospital very hard. I have applied to numerous hospitals including Seattle Children's and have had approximately 3 interviews for other hospitals in the two years i've had my degree. So far they've all said the same thing. I don't have enough experience to be hired without the extra training- like the new grad programs, but i have too much experience or too much time has passed for me to be qualified into the programs. So, I've been stuck pretty much. I didn't know how hard it really was to get into the hospital without these new grad programs. Everyone i know who works at the hospital was hired as a new grad so I don't know if this is common or not. I'm hoping now that 2 years have passed I can find more opportunity. I've been looking at clinic work, school nursing, and still home health. I've learned to love home health. Its unlike any nursing i've ever done. Especially with pediatrics as you get to see the child thrive and grow with your help. The hours are more flexible and way less stress than the hospital- so i hear. The key is finding the right family for you. However, part of me still feels like I've waisted my education and skills that i worked so hard for. For me it was more of a necessity that I took the job into home health. I would suggest that if you do take the position but feel like you will want to do hospital work in the future, that you look into other staffing agencies for PRN work at clinics or even volunteer at a hospital.