Saving time tips

  1. I received some helpful advice from hoolahan regarding time saving tips for instance:

    1).MUST answer MO### on oasis, but don't waste time on things that don't pertain to pt. Also don't repeat charting. If already addressed, write see note on...

    2). Try seeing a couple of pt's (ie fasting labs) prior to coming in to office. Take home field chart and tell staff.

    3). If you keep getting interrupted, tell staff to leave you a VM

    4). Call Docs while on lunch break p 1:30 and call Docs before
    2:30 on fridays.

    5). Keep ph# handy on a spiral notebook (front flap)

    6). Find a quiet place ie home that you can get stuff done
    without having to be at office.

    This are some. I would like to hear some more. I will be posting a Tip of the week at our office and would like to share you ideas.

    Please post your tips on how to get all your work done during the day.

    I know it's similar to my other post on how to get work done in 8 hrs, sorry I just think this is so important.

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