Roach paradise

  1. I've worked as an Lpn in home health care before and have turned down homes due to excessive barn animals in the home (yes .. barn animals .. cluck cluck coca doodle doo oink oink ) . Many things don't shock me . Needless to say I just recently became an rn,bsn and decided to return to home health because the hours benefitted myself and my family . My assignment is 3 , 12 hours shifts through the week . Patient is not an issue . I was speaking with the mother and right behind her I saw it , a creepy crawly cockaroach .. it paused , I paused and then mom paused turned around , took off her flip flop crushed the creepy crawler and carried on our conversation. I'm in shock , in complete disbelief my world is caving in , I can't breathe . I don't know what's worse the cockroach or the mother being so nonchalant. At this point i hear nothing all I can think about is the critter , I felt gross. Since then I have seen dozens more .. what should I do ?? Should I call the agency ? HELPPPPPPPPP !!!
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Creepy crawlers exist all around us. Even in the most upscale neighborhood homes, 'creepies' exist. And they vary.

    You can either tolerate them or not. If you can't stand them, then you need to talk this over with your agency. But don't be surprised if your agency is somewhat nonchalant about them too. There's no law that says you can only work in creepy crawler-free environments only.

    There's a lot of info on how HH/PDN staff deal with it. But if in the end, you may still need to deal with your agency.

    Just know that many institutions also have cockroach problems. You're just not that likely to see them as well as you can like in an individual home/apt.