RN staffing for Home Health/Hospice

  1. I am a Home Health/Hospice (HHH) RN in Northwest WI. We are growing fast and looking for creative ways to staff nurse positions.

    We currently have RN that case manage both HHH patients. These RN's work 4-5 days a week, 8-10 hour days. They have to be on call 4 days in a 6 week schedule and back up call 4 days in the same period. This does include the weekend they work (1 weekend every 5-6 weeks).

    So a normal day is out visiting patients/case managing from 0800-1630, then on call from 1630-0800 the next day. Some call nights we get no calls and some nights, we may be out on 5 different calls for either Home Health or Hospice pt.

    How do you and your agencies schedule nurses? Do you have someone designated as on call and not working during the day? What about late/after hours admissions?

    Thank you for sharing!!!
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  3. by   Itsallsunshine
    I'm a HH nurse in Chicago. I am "encouraged" to have about 20-25 calls per week. My normal week is 9-5, Mon-Fri, and I'm on call for a weekend about every 2 months. I sign up for one holiday a year. Really enjoying my schedule compared to my previous job at a SNF.
  4. by   stineknight
    20-25 calls per week. What does that mean? What is your area of coverage? City or rural? Do you have staff that take "call' for home health and hospice patients that call with needs during the night/after hours?
  5. by   Itsallsunshine
    Calls just means I see about 20-25 patients each week. Sometimes if census is low it's less though. Some patients don't need very much time, other patients require about an hour each visit. I work in an urban environment. There is a 24 hour call center, but I've had just a couple calls from patients during my off time.
  6. by   willow14
    Hi stineknight,
    I don't have any advice for you, but have a question.
    I'm interested in getting into hospice nursing and wondered what company you work for? I'm also from northwestern Wisconsin.
    Feel free to send me a PM, if you'd like.
    Thanks & have a good day