RN safety when driving up north

  1. I was in a bad car accident on my way to see a patient in 2/05. My experience was that we were told that we could refuse to see patients if the roads were bad. However, if we tried to get them changed, we had to deal with a lot of heat. Everyone just "knew" we couldn't. As a result of the accident and time off, I have lost my job, benefits and was dropped by work injury, saying my cervical injury that I have now is different than the cervical injury I had when they were treating me a few months ago.

    Has anyone else dealt with a similar situation? I am not sure what to do. I do have a permanent neck injury. I am scheduled this week for an EMG to find out if the numbness in my right arm/hand is perm nerve damage. This test will determine whether or not I can ever do patient care again. I am planning to finish my BSN starting the beginning of the year. I am looking to find a career in nursing that I can do with the right arm numbness. Any suggestions? Unfortunately, I was only a floor nurse for 2 years before I switched to home care. The lack of experience is working against me.

    I would really appreciate any information you guys can give. Thank you.
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  3. by   renerian
    Having been rear ended 4 times in about 15 years I can say I feel your pain. I have worked with pain every single day and with the last rear ending 1.5 years ago it has become worse. I am sorry your going to have that same pain. I have the periodic numb arm/sometimes both/muscle spasms and it is not fun. I am sorry.

    How about Disease Management or Case Management for a third party?

  4. by   coldhandsrn
    Thanks for writing. My accident was a little different. I was T-boned on the right side by a car going about 60 mph. My neck twisted and snapped. I have had to have radiofreqency to kill the nerves in that area. I am learning to live with it. I would suggest that you get checked for facet joint syndrome. It is the most commonly missed whiplash injury. It can only be diagnosed using anesthetic injections into the facet joints. I would encourage you to talk to your doctor. Since the RF, my neck is feeling much better for now. My numbness concerns me because of my lack of ability to feel for proper placement during CPR. I will check into your suggestion!! Thank you!
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    Cold hands.............did you think about case managment/disease management? THanks for your reply.