1. References question

    I am applying to another agency, lack of work is the main reason, along with the desire to be in an environment that encourages learning, and have only one reference from before the present agency. This is because I did not work for a few years after my Father died, and my Mom got sick and subsequently died after cardiac surgery. I have lost touch with nurses from former agency which was sold with the hospital. Before we moved across the country I spend many hours trying to locate some former supervisors. They either moved [most of them], or one I particularly liked got married and I cannot locate her.

    Would you ask your present employer for a reference? I don't want them to stop giving me work [I work per dium].

    Any other ideas would be appreciated.
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  3. by   renerian
    I guess that would depend on whether they have a no compete problem or a conflict of interest problem where you work now. Some agencies have in their compliance plan the need to inform the agency about potential conflicts of interests. Some agencies don't like you working for another but most understand if there is not enough work you have to make a living. Can you use a co-worker?

  4. by   Bess
    Thanks for your reply, I would need to leave the present agency if I got the position at the new agency. I should have made that clear.
  5. by   llg
    Do you have a copy of previous yearly evaluations? If not, can you get a copy?

    The hospital I work for will NEVER give a reference -- only confirm the dates of employment, the job title, and whether or not they are eligible for re-hire. It's against their policy for legal reasons. Many hospitals are developing similar policies. What we recommend to our employees is to save their copy of all their evaluations. That way, their prospective employers of the future will be able to see exactly what we thought of them. So far, most of the nurses who have left our hospital have found this satisfactory.