Question about interviewing for home health position

  1. I have been wanted to get started with doing home visits on a per diem basis. Would be nice to "add to my nursing portfolio" especially on days my husband travels. Currently I am doing a combination of private duty, per diem at a long term care faciltity, and agency. I still need work for 8-10 days a month. I was wondering how to answer the question about having home health experience. Does this pertain only to visits? Or does private duty count as experience? I feel very confident with my skills, have experience working with peds, caring for med frag children, nursing homes, correction facilities, much experienced through agency nursing. I don't feel inexperienced as a nurse, only inexperienced on the paper work side of home health. I feel like the need for nurses to do home visits is only going to increase, but am feeling frustrated to not get the chance to help out due to "no experience." Any advice? Thanks,
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  3. by   renerian
    Private Duty does count. Are you intervieiwing elsewhere so I know how to guide you? Not sure if I got the jist right.

    I did home health 11 years.

  4. by   kae rn
    Thanks for your reply.
    I really want to keep my private duty job (6x/month) and contingent at one other place. I would like to get some per diem home health visits for those days my hubby travels. I have to get kids off to school, and be able to cover evenings at home. No family in town to help out and thought this way I could work some hours those days, but also run the house. I spent quite a few years at home raising my kids, but with the economy nowadays really want to stay working esp since hubby owns his own small business. Very nervous about putting all my eggs in one basket, plus I really like variety. I love to gain as much knowledge as possible (feel like those Barney and Teletubby years at home has decreased my IQ).
  5. by   renerian
    Kae what did you decide to do?

  6. by   kae rn
    Still trying to decide what to do. I am currently with an agency that does visits. May do a few per diem and see how it goes. I am not afraid of the visits, just the paperwork. How much do you need to do? Perhaps I am assuming it is more than it really is.
  7. by   renerian
    Well the OASIS is mind boggeling till you get used to it Kae. There is the start of care OASIS, the transfer OASIS, the resumption OASIS and the discharge OASIS. If the agency is JCAHO accredited there may be additional things to complete for their measures but most use the data on the OASIS. You can do it though. Just give yourself 6 months to feel good about it.

  8. by   kae rn
    Thanks, I feel confident to be able to handle it. Have learned most jobs without much orientation. Not afraid to ask questions. Always better to ask than not. Will probably wait until after holidays to jump in.