QI: Best Practice Intervention Campaign

  1. info from quality insights of pennsylvania enewsletter, they are the lead in this project:

    as of 02/23/2007 there are 4,374 hhas registered to participate in the campaign!

    the initiation of the best practice intervention packages begins this week.

    the best practice intervention package - hospitalization risk assessment will be available on thursday, march 1st, 2007 at www.homehealthquality.org <http://www.homehealthquality.org/> .

    the agency can use as little or as much of the package each month that meets the agency's needs.

    eve esslinger, rn, bsn, ms
    project manager
    quality insights of pennsylvania
    eesslinger@paqio.sdps.org <mailto:eesslinger@paqio.sdps.org>

    from home health quality improvement campaign website:

    the right care, every time
    the home health quality improvement national campaign 2007 is a grassroots collaborative quality improvement effort among the home health community, health care leaders, and quality improvement organizations (qios). the campaign focuses on improving the quality of patient care in the home health setting.

    the goal of the campaign is for home care patients to remain in their home settings, resulting in fewer avoidable hospitalizations. home health agencies participating in the campaign will work to reduce the number of avoidable hospitalizations while improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

    the campaign will provide participating home health agencies with free tools, resources, guidelines, success stories, best practice education materials, and data to support improving the quality of care as measured by reducing avoidable hospitalizations. this will be accomplished through the electronic distribution of monthly best practice intervention packages.

    all medicare certified home health agencies nationally are invited to register to participate in this free educational offering. there are no prerequisites to participate. no previous quality improvement experience is necessary. educational materials are available for both quality improvement novices and long-time veterans and will meet the multi-disciplinary needs of home health agencies.
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  3. by   SWRN84
    As of March 16, approx 4700 home care agencies registered to participate in this initiative. I am responsible for some of the QI implementation in our agency, including outcomes. I registered the first day. The first implementation package was sent in March....it has to do with hospital risk assessments. We already have in place many of the best practices they will be dealing with, but I am hopeful we may gain an increase knowledge, or maybe just be able to tweak our processes a bit. Our goal is to make our outcomes for ACH even better. We shall see.....it surely can't hurt and doesn't cost a thing.