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  1. Since we've all had a little time to adjust to PPS, I am curious, how is everyone else answering the OASIS question about need for PT?

    In my former agency, we were answering yes, if a PT referral was indicated. BUT, so may PT cases ended up being less than 10 visits, the pt refused, or made such excellent progress, etc... that we then decided not to answer it, and let the PT call in to a special line to let the agency know what was ordered.

    My present agency has us leave it blank if any PT is needed, or if not, we are allowed to put no. For managed care and medicaid, we are told to put N/A, since the question ONLY applies to medicare, whether or not those pt's need PT.

    I also heard, back before PPS went into effect, that some agencies were going to make the nurses do PT during their visit?? Anyone actually doing this?

    We are experiencing a shortage of available PT and especially OT's. The PT's keep getting orders to cancel the OT saying they will incorporate OT into their program. You think this is from a real shortage, or trying to save money in PPS?? I think it is a real shortage, but not having too much contact with the OT's, you never know.

    How is everyone else doing this? Addressing whether PT will be > or < 10 visits?? Are nurses deciding this? Are you using an algorithm to come up with an answer?
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    Hi Hoolahan. I really believe that it's a cost saving measure as not too long ago, OT was being paid as much as or more than PT. However, this didn't last long as the HHAs over utilized OT consults and the reimbursement decreased. I can't remember any other particulars but I remember this "fluke" ocurring in the later half of 2000. Best regards, MALE RN, OTD.
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    Hey Hoolahan. I forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! (belated). How's it feel to finally be 25 ? (I can't remember that far back) MALE RN, OTD
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    Hey buddy!

    I wish I could remember 25 too!!
    Thanks for the belated B-day wishes. My agency called me at 10 am on my B-day and begged me to work 7p-11p, I figured what the hey, happy B-day to me to the tune of $38/hr! Now, what to buy.....