PICC Conundrum - page 2

I work as a Home IV nurse as well as on a Hospital IV team. I frequently find that my home care patients are discharged without any information on the PICC ie length & tip location. I have been... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    As someone with little to no experience in this area, I refused to take on a case such as this with a very small baby. The supervisory nurses were trying to browbeat me into taking the case and the non-nurse business manager was hanging on every word they said, trying to make me look incompetent and uncooperative. I had to inform the business manager of the legalities of exceeding my scope of practice and my abilities. To this day, I don't think this person ever "got it". I will never involve myself with a procedure in the home that I am not capable of performing. When I see something looming in the distance, I inform my supervisors and let the chips fall where they may.