Per Diem new grad at Xincon home health care

  1. [FONT=comic sans ms]I just got an email to come in for an interview for a per diem RN position at Xincon Home Health Care... As a new grad, I'm worried about what to expect from the position, since it would be my very first job.

    Can someone please tell me:

    • [FONT=comic sans ms]What should I expect in home health care?
    • [FONT=comic sans ms]What should I expect as a per diem RN?
    • [FONT=comic sans ms]What might the pay rate be in NYC/LI?
    • [FONT=comic sans ms]Any info on the company (I tried Google but came up short)
    [FONT=comic sans ms]
    Thanks, any info is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    You can look in the home health forum for the general info but do not recall seeing anything about this specific employer. You might want to try looking at one of the employment websites that has user forums, such as indeed dot com.
  4. by   lenadee
    Hey just wondering what happened with your interview and how was the salary?
  5. by   Sapphirestarr
    I tried to contact the company and no one ever got back to me so I didn't go. The only communication I received from them was a duplicate email telling me to come in for an interview. It all worked out though because since then I've started working at a hospital full time. Always do your research before giving anyone any personal information!
  6. by   lenadee
    Ok thank u so much! Do you mind if I ask what hospital and how you were able to get hired? I'm finding it extremely difficult to even get interviews.
  7. by   Sapphirestarr
    I sent you a PM