PDAs in HH

  1. i've been tasked with introducing pda's to our home health agency. do any of y'all use them? how are they working out? where do you get the software? do any have OASIS already installed?

    thanks for your help!!

    scott landis
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  3. by   Jay-Jay
    Scott, there have been many, many threads about PDA's/Palm pilots posted in the forums in recent months. Suggest you try doing a search on the topic, and post in one of those threads if you still have questions.

    I use my Palm every day, though our company does not support their use. I have my schedule on it, all my important phone numbers and client info, and my drug book (epocrates) I even have a spreadsheet for recording my mileage!

    I really wish our company would go hi-tech. It's a PITA being told they have a new referral for me, and then having to try to access a fax machine while on the road. Sometimes I have to drive home. Sometimes I have to drive to the office. If I'm REALLY lucky, the client will have their own fax, and I can get the info without a hassle. However, confidentiality is always a concern, because we use Winfax, therefore I don't know exactly what documents are being sent to me until they actually come off the fax machine. It's even more of a concern if the client uses their computer to receive faxes, as I do.