Pay Per Visit and Office Time

  1. If you're paid per visit, how is "office time" handled in your agency? Do you have an hourly rate for meetings, inservices, and various other office duties? Or are you expected to basically "eat" that time?
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  3. by   nursemarion
    The agencies I have worked at always had an hourly rate for that time. I don't think that it is legal not to pay you under wage and hour laws. Unfortunately the pay was very low- $10/hour at the one place I worked. Nursing wages were around $17/hour at that time.
  4. by   paradiseboundRN
    They usually have a rate for meetings and inservices, about $20 hr. But thats it. Anything else (telephone, picking up supplies, charting) is considered part of the visit. Suprisingly, I made more money that way than salary.