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I'm talking with a HH agency about possibly working there. They are going to pay per visit. 32 hrs/week = 16-21 visits per week depending if you have some admissions vs. regular visits. This... Read More

  1. by   dhamidrn
    starting mondy orientation
    $70 admission $60 per visit in chicago is that good?
  2. by   dhamidrn
    any one works HHC and what are oyu making?
  3. by   twokidsmom,rn
    Make $35/visit and $65/SOC. Live in Philly suburbs. Went to a $33/hr job but did way more driving since territory was 20-40 min from home and office was 30min from home. Thought I would like it better but feel like I truly live in my car. So going back to the close to home company and paid per visit just hope they don't run be ragged again. WILL LEARN TO SAY NO!!!!
  4. by   Isabelle49
    South Louisiana: $30 per visit, $50 Admit, $40 recert, $.42 per mile. Pathetic. My salary has decreased over the 9 years I have been in home health.
  5. by   paddler
    Pay per visit is great if you are efficient. Probably not so much if you spend lots of time at home charting after the visit, or if you spend lots of time driving. My rate on the East Coast is ok, not great. $45 for all visits except an admission which is a whopping $55 (total rip off). Moving to the West Coast and got a job with a not for profit HH Agency and the rate for routine visits is $50, Recerts/ROC is $80 and Admission is $130. Woot!! Also, they reimburse mileage at the government rate! Double woot!
  6. by   MakennaRN
    I am also considering a change to home health nursing as I am having a difficult time finding a hospital that will take me on after a 4 yr absence (stayed home with kids). When I inquired about pay, I was told that it ranged from $30 to $75 per visit which is to include driving time, paperwork and the actual patient visit. How the heck am I supposed to know how much money I will be earning? They said the average day is 5-7 patient visits depending on new admits. I appreciate everyone posting and giving feedback. I live in So. California 2 hrs east of L.A. I imagine the pay is better in the large cities but I don't want to commute that far. I would hope that the company pays for mileage or gas but I forgot to ask. I'll ask this afternoon at my 2nd interview. I desperately need this job so say a prayer for me. Thanks!!
  7. by   KateRN1
    You can ask for a ride-along day to see if home health is really your cup of tea. Many places are willing to do that to avoid training someone who doesn't work out after a month or two.
  8. by   paddler
    I second that! I did a ride along day before taking the job just to make sure I was really interested. I was!
  9. by   DisneyNurse18
    the company i work for now uses the hourly rate as a base rate. which is HORRIBLE!!!considering i would make 33 for a follow and 66 for an admit. i made more in nc with 34 as my base rate. guess i wont be quitting case management anytime soon. it seems so wrong!
  10. by   DisneyNurse18
    oh im in the inland empire ca btw
  11. by   sandypalma
    Quote from dhamidrn
    starting mondy orientation
    $70 admission $60 per visit in chicago is that good?
    they pa

    thats awsome they offered me 45 a visit with experience, in chicago.