patient's habits

  1. I worked home health for four years and always
    enjoyed hearing the other workers stories about
    some of the habits that their patients had.
    My favorite: Was completing an admission with an elderly woman and trying to sort out her meds. She kept telling me she did not take any but I'm
    sitting at the table looking at 3 inhalers for
    asthma and some cardiac meds. When I asked her
    about the inhalers she said she never used them,
    (they were established rx's), because her dog stopped her asthma attacks. About two feet away
    from her, sat 2 Chihuahua's, one male, one female.
    Looking at the dogs, I asked her how they stopped her asthma? Well, she proceded to tell me that
    only the short-haired male would work, bent over,
    picked him up and inhaled deeply 3 times with the dog's chest at her nose. I had to bite myself to keep from howling!! She said it worked every time!!
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  3. by   Audreyfay
    The mind is a powerful tool, isn't it? Now I wouldn't recommend trying it for the heart though! Could it possibly have had anything to do with her anxiety level? Hmm?