one sided edema?

  1. I'm a Home Care RN who has been seeing an elderly man who has had a number of CVA's. Recently he has started to have hard edema on his left [affected] side.
    It started with his foot which is plus 3 now and continued up his leg, now his left arm and chest and strangely enough his left cheek on his face is swollen. His left lung has rhonci 3/4 of the way up, right is clear, he is not SOB. He is not a code, daughter takes wonderful care of him. For the first time he complained of pain once in his left arm. Anyone seen this? What do you make of it? Aside from elevating chest and head and left leg, any suggestions?
    Thanks, Bess
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  3. by   hoolahan
    That is truly odd!! The only thing I can possibly think of is that he has been laying on his left side for long periods of time. I wouod say some type of clot or obstruction in a vein, but, it does not make sense that it would be only one side inclusing upper and lower extremities and face!!!

    I say he should be seen by a doctor asap.
  4. by   Wren
    I agree with Hoolahan, he needs to be evaluated pronto. He probably has some type of venous occulsion but a primary care provider needs to check it out as any number of things can cause unilateral edema including a neoplasm or a dvt. The rhonchi and facial edema may or may not be related. I would suggest strongly that his daughter take him to the doc asap!