Offered job at new HHC agency in town, but . . .

  1. I have got offer to work for new HHC, but the pay is low with the promise of Assistant Director position. I have 7 years of experience and they want to offer me 35$ per visit and 40$ SOC. I have feeling, they will just use me and I will be not able to earn anything. I work Per Diem for another agency and they pay me 55 per visit and 60 for SOC. I am tired of people telling me to work for a passion. Sorry, I love to be a nurse, but I go to work to earn money. I cannot pay bills with a passion?
    I feel nurses are so abused by the HHC agencies. I don't care about future promises on promotion, I need pay now. And I am not a new grad...
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  3. by   AnnemRN
    I completely agree with you, a lot of home health agencies abuse their nurses. I think you should tell this agency that you would love to come to work for them, but you are used to being paid considerably more. You should then ask them to match your current rates and see what they say.
    It doesn't hurt to stand your ground on important issues like pay. I was hired at a lower rate of pay for a local agency that told me they couldn't offer me anymore even though I had many years of experience. I later found out that they hired another nurse who had only been a nurse for 1.5 years with no home health experience at $3.00 more an hour than I was making. It made me really angry and I ended up quitting for that and other reasons so, I know how you feel.
  4. by   JkneeC
    Are you going to be per diem at this new job? If not, then you have to add in/consider the "extras" you will receive in a full time or part time postition to your hourly wage. (regular schedule, insurance, phone and milage coverage/reimbursement)
    35$ per visit and 40$ SOC is pretty much the standard these days for any reputable agency. (hint, hint... you might be looking at/working for the wrong agencies?)
    Maybe take a regular postion at a well established, reputable agency that won't "use" you or make you feel "abused" and continue to do the higher paying per diem job on the side?
  5. by   livtek
    This company is really new and they don't offer any benefits at this time. In fact, no cell phone, 30 cents for mile, and no schedule. They don't have many clients, yet. I will see the month January 2013. If it will be very unstable without schedule, I am quitting.