Nurse for 30 years, now going to do Home Health Nursing, Opinions Please......

  1. Hello Home Health Nurses, I have been doing med-surg for 30 years. I do love my job but I'm getting so tired after 12 hours. No break during the day other than 20 minutes to woof my food down. I have cut down from full time to 2 days a week. I am keeping my job at the hospital for now but am looking to add another day a week doing something different. I don't mind getting tired just not so exhausted that I have to hit the bed. I don't mean to imply that I think HH is easy, I know you workk hard too. I had an interview with a HHA yesterday. They pay $60 a visit, which includes gas. All visits would be in my county. Is this a good deal? They say 30-45 minutes per visits. Most visits, blood draws, Picc lines drsg changes, wound vac changes, I guess all your usual stuff. Call if you want to take it pays $100 per week + visits. How bad is call? Do you get called out alot? I forgot to ask about Holidays. Are you required to work some holidays? Thanks for any info you can give me. I know HHA is hard work but will be something very different for me. I need a change. Perhaps if I like it enough I can change over to full time for another 10 years until I'm ready to retire. Thanks!
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    Each agency is run a little differently. If you were going to be a visit nurse only, no case management or OASIS responsibility then getting paid by the visit is a good way to be paid. Rates differ in the different parts of the country. Call is an agency determined procedure and I don't know two agencies that do it the same. It could involve going out at all hours of the night, or just triaging the calls and having someone else go out if needed to covering scheduled visits after normal working hours. Phone calls can come in at all hours from little minor things like "I can't sleep" to major things like "Mom passed out and is not breathing". Give home care a shot, you might like it. Just remember - When you finally learn all the rules - they change them on you!!
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    Thank you.