No Pay for Record Time??

  1. I was just reading the posts under "What's Your Caseload Number?" and found that many agencies are requiring their nurses to do their record time WITHOUT pay!!

    WHY is this happening to professional people? For the same reason a husband beats his wife! BECAUSE HE CAN!! There are too many wimps in this profession if this is actually happening. Nobody can be walked on until he lies down first!

    Two solutions are given in the articles for those so abused. File a claim with your state labor relations board and also with the federal labor relations board. This is ILLEGAL!! Especially in such a time when R.N.'s are in demand because of such abuses, AND because the majority of income for home health agencies comes from Medicare.

    Perhaps (MEANS: DO IT!!) you should point out to your management that such illegalities can result in the loss of ALL federal funding, spelled: M-E-D-I-C-A-R-E!!
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  3. by   KP RN
    I work for a huge hospital based agency (we do 2,000 admissions per month). We are paid per visit. We chart in the home on EVERY patient. We leave a yellow copy of our visit note in the pts folder, so other disciplines and nurses know what's going on.
    Yes, our visits are longer, but I NEVER have to do paperwork at home in the evening.
    You are correct, NursieMe. Many permit their employers to take advantage of them. Perhaps they don't recognize there is power in numbers...
  4. by   karbyr
    uhhhmmmmmmmmm got fired for standing up to this one
  5. by   megsquirrel
    I stay in the office until I have finished my work for the day. I also put in for the time. My company pays me for it.

    It was "suggested" to me that I bring my charts home. I declined, saying that when I am home I am living my life, not working.

    We only get paid OT when we actually work more than 40 hours in a week. I'm supposed to work 32 hours a week. I average 36.

    My supervisor backed me up, so that's probably why "they" leave me alone.

    I love my supervisor.
  6. by   Maerzie

    Did you get an attorney and file a claim with the labor relations board(s)??

    When these illegal firings occur you HAVE to stand up and fight!! You can usually "FEEL" when an agency is on your case and thinking about firing you. At such a point, you document, document, document, including ALL the circumstances of the "set-up".

    Each time these things occur and the victim allows it by pulling in "her" tail and leaving, it becomes easier to do it to the next guy. Why don't you check out the statute of limitations and see if you can still file a claim. MOST times these things happen in nursing because nurses are primarily women, which also makes it a sex discrimination issue.

    Like I said: "WHY do they get away with it??"........"BECAUSE they can!!" WE ALLOW IT!
  7. by   Maerzie
    Also, see the article "RN's Win Lawsuit" by -jt, in the Political Forums.

    Forming a Union is another good way to get some clout so these things can't happen so easily! And they aren't so lucky at winning cases when they fire anybody who's been active in unionizing.:roll
  8. by   karbyr
    lol, we are unionized.........and I am fighting it through the union, but thanks for the ideas...........and being active in the union was what brought me to their attention
  9. by   Maerzie

    How old are you?? Never mind! If you are nearing 40, especially 40+, keep in mind that some agencies are experts at AGE discrimination. Are you nearing the time limit to be vested in the retirement program? Look up ERISA litigation cases on the internet. We have a group of nurses who keep us informed of all this kind of info.

    And then people wonder why there is a shortage of nurses?? These are the current popular management devices. They get rid of the more expensive, knowledgeable nurses and replace them with younger, less experienced, cheaper ones who won't cost as much in wages and benefits.

    After all, all they need is for a person to be able to sign R.N. after her name as far as liabilities go! The "QUALITY" of nursing lingo holds no sincerity in the agencies I've worked with.
  10. by   Maerzie
    P.S. Also, make sure the agency or company gets put on report with the labor relations boards so they are watched for these shenanigans in the future.

    We MUST speak up when these things happen. Let's not have any more WIMPY nurses!
  11. by   karbyr
    just filled out a complaint to the labor board yesterday, as a matter of fact, lol.
  12. by   Maerzie
    Good Girl, karbyr!! We need more nurses with this kind of spunk. Good luck with whatever's happening for you right now.
  13. by   Jay-Jay
    In Canada, the government opened up the home care system to competitive contracting. It drove the wages down, and in order to be competitive, you wind up doing a lot of paperwork on your own time (service logs, phone calls, mileage and expenses). You can make up new charts in the home, but with 9 patients to see tomorrow, I just won't have the time. Yeah, I know, it stinks... I mutter nasty things about the system every day. Still , I'd rather do homecare than hospital.
  14. by   Maerzie
    Well, Jayjay, it looks like Canada will then beat us to the punch by all the nurses deciding to be independent contractors! That way, the greedy administrations making all the profits will be dancing to the tune of the nurses instead of the reverse, as it is now!

    Eventually, someone is going to figure out that we nurses ARE worth our salt and we ARE going to get it!!