New LNV/LPN in Home Health Care

  1. New LVN graduate in California looking for Home Health Care advice. Does anyone have a list of regulations, procedures or protocols? For example, the trach overview I was given in orientation was very different from what I learned in school. Does anyone have any tips? Or list of survey requirements from the state regulatory office? I am hoping someone has had some experience with survey requirements or what is done in a survey. Patients are children as well; I just want to make sure I give the best care possible.
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  3. by   cyc0sys
    I work home health but I'm not sure what you're talking about. Your Director of Nursing or manager should provide you with your duties and the care plan on which they are based as well as a MAR if they take meds. You should receive some type of orientation on each client. As far as the trach procedures/care, lots of times the parents can and will show you what needs to be done. It wouldn't hurt to review best practices from the equipment manufacturer. Companies such as Medline have online training for some of their products. The nurse you're relieving should be able to provide information as well.