Medication Reminders

  1. Do you have any tips as to reminding clients to take their pills at the correct time of day. I have tried different ideas, and just wanted to know more.
    The pills are setup in a container labeled "Morning, Noon, Evening, Bedtime", but what if the client is having problems remembering what the time frame is for Morning, Noon, etc.
    You could give her a sheet that describes the times, or you could have them to use an alarm clock, or cell alarm to remind them it's time to take the pills....what do you do? Love to hear others ideas.
    Let's say this person has a problem with both (A) Not remembering what "time" is "morning" etc. and (B) Forgetting to take pills due to sleeping, or just the busyness (sp) of the day.
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  3. by   prettygirllpn
    they make automatic pill dispensers now. i use one for my grandmother. they lock and you can set up to four timers. you can also load up to two weeks worth of medication at a time. very handy.
  4. by   LuLu2008
    I love the IMD2 electronic planner.
  5. by   BabaLouRN
    go to I LOVE this program and so do my patients. They have recently started TEXT message med alerts... check it out