Is this a good deal for a home health position I've been offered??

  1. I'm just not sold on home health but this is what I was offered. I have not accepted yet. I would be a weekend admission nurse. I would be expected to take 3 new admits each day (Sat and Sun). They would pay me hourly for 8 hrs at $45/hr. I have no home health experience but have been an RN for 17 years inpatient Case Management for the last 2. I have heard 3 admits is a bit much. Sat Oasis due on Mondays and Sun Oasis due on Tues. I feel like I will be working well past an 8 hour shift. Any input?
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  3. by   NurseCard
    Yes, I do feel that you would likely often work past 8 hours. If this is
    a huge problem for you, I would not take the position.

    Personally, when I was doing HH, I would often spend two hours JUST IN
    THE HOME, when doing admission Oasis. Then you factor in drive times,
    then factor in the time you tend to spend outside of the home, at your
    OWN home, finishing up the Oasis paperwork.