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Hey everyone! Well, I finally did it, I put in my 2 weeks notice at my current job, and I start my new home health job this Thursday!! I'm terribly excited and nervous, but I don't think it can be... Read More

  1. by   Paravell
    Quote from Sabby_NC
    Hi Paravell,
    So how did your Thursday go?
    I work in the Hospice field now after working in Home Care for 2 yrs.. I loved it and loved the fact that my 'office' is forever changing depending on where I am driving. Love love love it..
    Enjoy the change in your career. I bet you are smiling huh?

    Wow, I really need to check back here more often! I missed out on 2 whole pages of messages!! So, I've been doing homehealth for about 2-3 months now, and I am liking it so far. I can tell the company I work for does have some problems, but as far as taking care of the patients, I'm loving that aspect of it! I love going into a pt's home, being able to help them in there day to day life, having them warm up to me (well, MOST of them. There is the guy who barely says a word for me and throws his word finder book across the room when I have to do his wound care) I love being out of the hospital and being back on a "normal" schedule. All that being said, I am finding myself working longer hours than I did at the hospital, and not being paid as much for my hours!!!! I'm slowly getting faster at the paperwork, but it seems that it just keeps piling up on my desk, with no end in sight! But, I guess everyone has to have SOMETHING to complain about I could almost see myself being in a management position at a home health agency, because I can see what I would do as opposed to some of the things I see now. But for now, I'm content, I still get to keep up my iv skills with lots of lab draws, and learning lots too! (so much teaching!!!) I am not sure if this is will be the niche I was looking for in nursing, but I've only been a nurse for 2 years (and only working as one for about a year) so I really don't know what I want!

    That was a really long paragraph!

    For everyone who has had interviews, good luck, and don't despair- job hunting is the worst, but it all is worth it when you find a job you are satisfied with!

    For all those experienced hh nurses that have replied to this thread, thank you thank you thank you!

    For all those considering home health, it is nursing at it's core. Have a great night everyone!!!

    :smiley_aa :smiley_aa :smiley_aa

    And yay for today, it's my little boy's first bday!!!
  2. by   catjmoses RN
    Hello, I have read all of these messages and am very inspired. I go for an interview tomorrow at a local vna. The woman who called briefly mentioned a 'job in case management'. So I'm not sure what exactly that means--if that is different than a hh nurse. Any thoughts? I'll find out tomorrow but if anyone has any hints. tips, or other words of wisdom before I go would be MOST appreciated.
    PS I have been a hospital/travel nurse for 11 years in med/surg/tele/ccu and am soooooo.... tired of the politics and bs that puts me and my license at risk. I actually thought about quitting nursing a few months ago but decided not to let the turkeys get me down! Looking for a GOOD change. Thanks all, ....justwannacraft,CathyM
  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Case Management with the VNA means you have your case load of patients and you manage their care...you oversee most everything and are the 'go to' person if there is a problem.
    It differs from being a 'float' nurse who sees patients today and 5 different ones tomorrow.
  4. by   catjmoses RN
    Thanks 'Capecod' (Love it there by the way!).
    I'm not sure if that's good or not. I like being with the pts but I' thinking that would be good too. I'm a good problem solver and I like working independantly. Oh well we'll see tomorrow. I will post with the results of the interview. I need this job! I will get this job and it will be a good one.
    ps How is your job going? I thought I read that you had a few 'bumps' in your change to HH or are you in case mngt too?
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I had a huge 'bump'. I fell in a patient's yard, wrenched my shoulder and have been on modified (read sitting in the office) duty. After 5 weeks they finally assigned my patients to another case manager. I have at least 2 more weeks of modified before the doc will let me go back in the field.
    I am going to switch to being a float...go see 5 or 6 patients a day and be done with it till the next day. Case managers don't make any more money than floats and have much more responsibilities.
    Good luck with your interview.
  6. by   catjmoses RN
    had interview today--almost 2 hours. the job was for a 'case manager', who at this vna is also the 'hh nurse'. they have a case load of about 35 that they manage (ie: admit, insurance issues, arrange therapies,etc) and visit (5-6 pts daily) monday-friday and q3-4th weekend, to do ? what have you--dsgs, iv,txs, etc.
    it all sounded good. almost everyone that worked there she said had been working there 5,10,15 years and more. that counts for something. and the orientation (oasis included) is about 3 months. (i know nothing about insurance,medi-care/caid-so i would need that aspect esp.) my ins is 75/25%, typical accrued time for vacations, etc.
    then she asked me about pay--what i was used to, etc. my last floor nurse job--reg staff, i got close to 29/hr (11 year/night shift/weekend included). she said,"well you know home care gets notoriously less than the hospital--but we try to be competitive" she said they start at 'around' $20/hr. (i'm thinking 'i hope my jaw didn't just hit the floor'.)
    but that could be increased 'a little' for experience and 'elevated' by gas allowance (47 cts/mi) and on call pay (which i would have to do on rotating basis). i would have made more at the dr's office i applied for. (my son would make more at the toll booth job he applied for!)
    in the mean time my traveler recruiter calls with a job for 32/hr!!! (free ins from day one/free housing)
    oh boy. i do want to be home but i need the money. the only thing is that if i travel i am back here in this spot in 13 wks again. i can't do the whole job hunting thing again! and i haven't completely resigned myself to being a life-traveler.
    i'm in new england! shouldn't the pay be higher? i saw on a job pay site that it was much higher. any thoughts?? she said she'd call me later in the week. and if they called me back i would have another interview with the super that had to be out in the field today d/t a call out.
    thanks for letting me rant.
    i know being home and not dealing with hospital politics is worth it's weight in gold--but does it have to be from my pay check? cathym
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  7. by   catjmoses RN
    ps capecod, i hope your shoulder is getting better. and that all works out well for your job.
    [color=#a0522d] cathym
  8. by   CapeCodMermaid
    $20/hr for a case manager sounds mighty low to me. I know that the nurses where I work were started at more than that. The nursing homes around here are paying more than that for an RN. Good luck and thanks, I am on the mend.