I got a job with Home Care!

  1. i am a fairly new nurse that has been working in the er since january~i just found out yesterday i got a position i applied for in my hospital's home health care. i am really excited. i wanted to thank this particular thread since i was researching what folks thought of hhc here. i know there may be some downfalls, like paperwork, but i am feeling a day of paperwork will be better than being in the er on one of "those" days!!
    i am more that likely getting the area around where my daughter goes to school, she will finally be able to do some after school sports! yeah!!!!!
    again thanks to the posters here and i am sure i will be back with many questions soon!!!

    a great day to all ! :spin:
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Congratulations! I hope you find what many others have found, home health is one of the best kept secrets in nursing. The rewards of working one on one for your patient far outweigh the dreaded paperwork. The flexibility is there. Even the pay and benefits, if you factor in that you are getting paid that amount to work with just one patient instead of many. The list goes on. Hope you're happy with your new job!
  4. by   Sabby_NC
    That is awesome.
    Going into patients homes is awesome and a different kind of nursing. You have more autonomy with your patients I feel. Enjoy enjoy and enjoy. I did home health for a couple of years before getting into Hospice.
    Thanks for the replies~I especially like the idea of getting "paid for one instead of many!!!"

    Thanks again