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My agency will be using Mckesson software and their mobilecare smartphones coming in the next year. We already have laptops and I wondered why they would want us to switch to palms, so I went to... Read More

  1. by   RN1263
    Quote from carwin
    Although a new software system or a form may be put in place in our respective agencies, they are only tools. Tracking software could prove to an FBI agent that you did make a visit and the fraud in the agency lies with the sweet little biller in the finance office. That's where we are in home health these days because of fraud.
    Proving I was in the home would be the ONLY upside to tracking. Anyways, the fraud I see in my company's office is with management. My admission oasis answers are changed during "review", severity ratings are changed and diagnosis are up coded, ect. I don't even get consulted...I get an email that the changes have been made.

    They complain about outcomes not being better, yet they are the ones requiring the patient needing SN to be discharged way to soon and I have no say in the matter. So, how can outcomes be good when you've had only one month to work on many issues....I think they want the nurses to lie! They want us to rate patients god awful on admit and peachy keen on discharge, but I refuse to lie....period....Regardless of pay for performance (P4P).

    Honestly, the RAC will probably have a field day at my company's office!
  2. by   desertnurz
    We'll be getting these next year too. Am very skeptical, half the staff still cant figure out how to check their messages on their regular phone. One geezer still cant manage how to get it off speaker phone. Everytime they answer the whole room hears the conversation.

    Just because there is available technology does not mean its smart to assume everyone will use it effectively.

    We shall see how it goes.